One season at a time


Creating areas of permanent inclusion of humans instead of areas of permanent protection from humans
- Ernst Götsch

Nature is enormously complex. Fortunately people are masters at pattern recognition. Investigating, planning, and applying the patterns of nature allows us to integrate with the whole in mutually beneficial ways. This is a message which we do not hear often enough from the established environmental movement or our culture at large. Humans can act constructively on earth and each one of us is capable of learning how.

Through Finch Agroecology I am navigating the boundaries between our species and the world at large to find out how we can restore and strengthen those bonds which bind us all together. I am pushing the margins of small scale regenerative agriculture at my field studio at Lillklobb and expanding my understanding through partnerships with farms and homesteaders around southern Finland.

I want to learn how we can act so that future generations will inherit a healthier, more dynamic, and substantial world. I want to share what I learn with you so that more people will become engaged with the work of healing the wounds our species has caused. You can support my work by either buying produce grown to high regenerative standards as well as through taking part in educational opportunities.

2021 Products & Services

As low as  17,50 € / kg              Order by the kilo



Preorders for Lillklobb Honey are now open! Honey from 9€/500g. Adopt a Beehive program still in the works. 

Starting at 60 €              Pay now, pick later

Pricing depends on the scope and budget of the project

Starting at 10 €             Tours, Workshops, & Courses




Lillklobb is a knoll rising above two small valleys in central Espoo. It exhibits a rich diversity in physical features and habitats despite its small size. With its varied land use, rare noble trees, and diverse soil characteristics, Lillklobb is an excellent location for an agroecological field studio. 

From a small-scale market garden featuring innovative regenerative production of over 30 kinds of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and berries to a unique, multidisciplinary project to co-create one of Europe's first "Theater Forest Gardens," there is plenty to see and explore at Lillklobb.

With over 800 years of history Lillklobb offers a unique chance to connect with the past, present, and future less than an hour from Helsinki city center.


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