All of my education and client work is oriented towards fostering the client's understanding of their system. This is the old school philosophy of teaching others to fish so they may eat for a lifetime. I want you to understand and take responsibility so that there are more of us on similar paths, rather than keep you on mine.

I cannot pretend to be teaching about agroecosystems, soil health, and minimal outside inputs if I keep the foundational knowledge and processes out of sight. Therefore all of my work - whether it is a single workshop or a lengthy process of project development - is geared towards getting on the same page regarding whole systems, delivering the content you need, and assisting your personal development so that you will be able to make decisions.

I focus on the essentials to help you understand natural patterns and how they relate to your situation. I do not waste time regaling workshop audiences with "cool" projects they can find for themselves online, nor do I simply offer "show and tell" slideshows about what I have done in the past.

I take your time seriously and aim to deliver the highest value I can throughout our relationship. What that means is that I teach what I know and admit what I don't. With that honesty also comes an understanding that every project requires significant input from the client. The most important outcome is increased client confidence to actively and intelligently manage their system, not any one design. 




I take on a limited number of long term projects each year. This ensures I have have ample resources to commit to the task.

Hiring me as a consultant allows us to focus on your project, clarify the goals, and provide one-on-one education. I only take on projects with clients who have significant interest and the willingness to do the work.

All long term projects have at least a one year timeline.

These kinds of projects require a high level of commitment from both parties; as such they start at 1000 € ex 24% VAT.



If your goals and needs are already clear we can also arrange a short term project. 

These projects require even more preparation on the behalf of the client. We will not spend time thoroughly examining your goals or covering basics. This consult is for those who have a very clear vision in mind with regards to how I may be of assistance.

Short term projects cover anything from a few days to a few weeks.

These projects start at 500 € ex 24% VAT.


Having another pair of eyes take in your situation and ask critical questions is of enormous value when starting a new farm enterprise or getting to the heart of the matter in the middle of the growing season. With over a decade of permaculture design experience and half a decade running a successful small scale regenerative farm in a challenging environment, I am well poised to offer a fresh perspective.

You may also be looking for a second opinion on a property purchase or permaculture design and want to engage in serious discussion about your options. If so this kind of consult may be for you.

Prices begin at 250 € ex VAT plus travel expenses



My journey started through a love of learning and asking what could I do about the problems around me. I am constantly searching for new information and adapting the patterns and principles of agroecology to our shifting present. I avidly incorporate new information into my own design and practice. 

I find it absolutely essential that I try new things on the ground before promoting them. This way I have tried and true methods for starters and advanced options for the more intrepid!

That said, the sheer amount of information available to us today can certainly be overwhelming. If you decide you would like to learn from me how to apply nature's principles in your home or garden, you can rest assured that I have sorted the wheat from the chaff many times over (that's wheat intercropped with garlic up there by the way). I teach you my current understanding backed by years of research and applied learning. I do not pretend to know the answers to everything, which is honestly the most fun part!

I wish to make this information more accessible by offering group tours, workshops, and courses to acquaint as many people as possible in a short period of time with the essentials.

If you are interested in having my teach a workshop or provide a short course, please use the Consulting Inquires form linked in the button below.