*Please note that all courses are subject to change due to coronavirus restrictions*

 This year I will offer tours covering the whole site or focusing on either commercial production or the Theater Forest Garden.

They will be organized at least twice a month on weekends during the growing season.

Guided tours will last between 1-2 hours.

Tours will cost a nominal fee between 10-15 € inc 24% VAT.




I will be organizing workshops on no-dig gardening that cover the basics as well as focus on gardening through the seasons (composting, bed creation, nursery production, etc).

These will be mostly hands on workshops with minimal theory.

Half-day courses will last between 3-4 hours.

Prices will range between 50 - 75 € inc 24% VAT.


Whole day courses will offer the chance to get into whole systems thinking and the first principles underpinning them.

We will focus on how to tie together practices with theory to see the "big picture."

Whole-day courses will last between 6-8 hours.

Prices will range between 100-125 € inc 24% VAT.

Long term consulting

I take on a limited number of consulting jobs each year. Hiring me as a consultant allows us to focus on your project, clarify your goals, and provide one-on-one education. I only take on projects that I will be properly involved in.

I do not charge per hour, but rather by the scope of the project, the budget of the clients, and the potential value that I believe I can help bring into being.

This year I have time for one or two more highly motivated clients who need long-term coaching, training, and education to help them along.

While each client enjoys client-designer privilege, I am looking for ways to respectfully share parts of my clients' experience with a larger audience so that more people can benefit from the work.