Consulting Inquiries

Although each consulting project requires a different level of commitment from both parties, I cannot stress enough that I only engage with clients who have an interest in developing their knowledge and skills by doing the work. I will not make key decisions for you nor will I bear the brunt of the groundwork to produce designs for people who do not want to understand them. 

If you are interested in discussing a potential consulting project with me I need a certain amount of information upfront to consider whether I can be of service or not.

I will review your inquiry and respond as soon as I reasonably can. If I believe your project is something I am capable of providing a worthwhile service for, we can arrange up to an hour (depending on the scope of the project) to discuss things in more detail through a virtual meeting. I will use the information you have provided me to investigate your situation as well as I can to prepare for this meeting.

At the end of the meeting I will either make you an offer or request more time to consider upon receiving new information before sending an offer to you at a later date.

Please use the following format:

  • Type of Consult: Long, Short, Site Visit, Design Critique
  • Is this a private project or for a farm/business?
  • What kind of project is this? Farm design, CSA design, homesteading, garden, etc
  • What size is the project in square meters or hectares?
  • Address to find your site for me to conduct a quick evaluation
  • Anticipated timeline. When do you want to start?
  • Desired outcomes
  • Budget
  • Other information you feel is relevant